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<p>Iron Fist and Ash Costello from the band New Years Day have done it again! They've collaborated to make an amazing line worthy of Bat Royalty. This sheer chiffon top is the best color combo ever - black and red. The split shirt is reminiscent of a jester with an X-ray style skeleton print in each side's opposing color. A V-neck collarless button down front, black sheer left breast pocket and convertible sleeves with roll tabs finish out the details on this shirt fit for the ...

A few days ago @hannemetteraae asked what I was working on. The answer is several projects at once, of course - but here's my #sandneskofte which is inching closer to completion. I slowed down on it when I realized I wouldn't finish in time for the Oslo Strikkefestival, but I'm nearly done with the second sleeve. After that, I'll be blocking the pieces, cutting open the front and the armholes, sewing in the sleeves, and lastly knitting the button band and seaming that on. Lots of work to do…

Despicable Me Minion Combo Play Pack Rubber Band Figures, Rainbow Loom Loomigurumi, Rainbow Loom Character

Combo Play Pack - all 3 figures for a discounted rate Handcrafted rubber band Minion done using latex free rubber bands. The body is soft and squishy, a perfect companion for any child. This item is recommended for age 3+ due to potential choking hazard of rubber bands. **Measurements** Kevin 6 inches tall Bob 5 inches tall Stuart 5 inches tall Usually ready to ship in 3-5 business days but please allow 1 week for combo packs. Original design created by BBLN Creations

(Song of the day Nov 15) Bandura Gypsies - Stay. Well, we've recently done breakup songs, and scary songs, and scary election week - let's make this week's song-of-the-day theme encouraging songs (I thought yesterday's request was a good start). This song is by a favorite Michigan band - and favorite Michigan people - I know from Farmfest.

YES! and it bothers me that they're used so improperly these days, either sharps or number symbols, wtf is a hashtag anyway? who was the idiot to come up with that term? better yet, who was the idiot to name their child hashtag? was i the only one that saw that on the news? lol... ok i'm done.


I just soent the last four days working for an all volunteer charity called 4us which is amazing and probably the best thing I have ever done. I have done it for three years now and we have raised millions of dollars with this charity.


This is true. I just realised I have done that for all the bands I know all the members names of (which isn't that many yet)