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An entry from Emilialua

Basically a place to hoard images I might want to use as photostudy references later. Things I hope to put up here: People (All different sizes and colors and shapes and ages! People interacting with each other! People in...


Between the 450 m long Wiesen I tunnel and the 969 m long Bärentritt tunnel on the line from Filisur to Davos, there is a gap of only few more then 10 meter, where the passengers have a glimps of less then 1 second daylight, when the train cross the bridge of the creek, which fall down to the Zügen gorge. "C-C" or Rhaetian crocodil Ge 6/6 I # 415 with the "Davos-Landwasser special" caught in the right moment.


Emma Watson's Overwhelming UN Response