On this day in Dutch history On the 7th of August 1932, Rien Poortvliet was born. As the son of a plasterer and brought up in a very strict and religious family, it seemed unlikely that Poortvliet would ever become an artist as his parents didnt like the idea of him going to an Art Academy. (Photo above, a Gnome drawn by Rien Poortvliet, with description.)

David the Gnome & family. The reason I am a nurse today. This was my first memory of wanting to help heal people (or foxes small forest creatures, as it were)

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Gnomes, kind hearted forest dwellers generally make their homes underground near oak trees. They are known for their protection and healing of wildlife and in general are very beneficial to have around. they are around 10-12” tall and wear a red pointed hat with blue or green jackets. They mature early and both sexes have white hair by the time they are 100 or so with a life-span of over 1000 years. On rare occasion they can be found in human dwellings

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