David Tennant as Hamlet, preparing to kill Claudius (Patrick Stewart), in a production of Hamlet .


See Hamlet free online from PBS. Starring David Tennant (of Doctor Who fame) as the melancholy prince, Patrick Stewart (Star Trek, XMen) as the usurping uncle, and a co-production of the BBC and the Royal Shakespeare Company, it's electrifying.

David Tennant teaches us proper book reading etiquette. How can one man be so adorable and sexy?!

The proper way to read a book…

Funny pictures about The proper way to read a book. Oh, and cool pics about The proper way to read a book. Also, The proper way to read a book.

crown on shakepseares head at angle like this with donkey ears poking out the top

David Tennant as Hamlet, Royal Shakespeare Company 2008 at Courtyard Theatre, Stratford-Upon-Avon (later TV version)

David Tennant. Because do you really need a reason to repin David Tennant? That if-only-all-life-were-as-simple-and-beautiful-as-this-thing-Im-looking-at face.

26 Photos Of David Tennant That Will Make Your Panties Drop.

Royal Shakespeare Company- David Tennant as Hamlet mimics the famous painting by Caspar David Friedrich 'Wanderer above the Sea of Fog' 1818

Hamlet INTJ or INTP? | The Book Addict's Guide to MBTI

“I saw that you changed Hamlet from an INTP to INTJ. I’m assuming there’s a reason for that? Also, you said a lot of people type him as an INFP? Could you elaborate on why you&

I want this Elizabethan suit for my husband who looks just like David Tennant. - Kimba  I'll just take the guy that's currently in that suit... and the suit, too, I guess. -Erin

NEWS: 10,000 costume pieces to be sold in UK Royal Shakespeare company costume sale.

Shakespeare’s plays are, at heart, metadramatic constructions whose central concern is the operation of the theatre itself. ‘Metadrama’ refers to instances of self-reflexivity in a play, where a pl…

Metadrama in two of Shakespeare’s best known plays: Hamlet and A Midsummer Night’s Dream

David Tennant as Hamlet. That is a real human skull. Some guy wanted his skull to be given to the RSC to be used on stage. David Tennant was one of the few actors who would use it.