Baby Rhino: "Maalim" by his stable door at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust: The D.S.W.T. is dedicated to the protection and conservation of wildlife and habitats in Kenya. Best known for the rescue and hand-rearing of milk dependent orphaned baby elephants and rhinos; so that later they can be returned into the wild.

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The elephant nursery in Kenya!!! Sheldrick Foundation rescue orphaned elephants and rehabilitate them into the wild.

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Orphan at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, I think sities As she looks exactly like this in Born to be wild

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The people that work at: "The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust." Have extraordinary dedication to orphaned Elephants & Rhinos; many of these orphans have been traumatized, after watching their parents brutally murdered. On arrival each orphan gets caretakers that stay with them 24/7 ~ including sleeping with them ~ the loving keepers become substitute "Parents" giving the young animals the best possible chance of survival, and good mental health, so that some day they can be returned to the…

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Credit: Joachim Schmeisser/David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Kibo, a new life (Nairobi Nursery, Boxing Day 2009)

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Amazing charities - David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, PAWS, Elephant Family...

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