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David Ricardo, ",The rise and fall of wages is common to all states of society, whether it be the stationary, the advancing or the retrograde state".


Summary of The Iron Law of Wages by David Ricardo

David Ricardo’s The Iron Law of Wages looks at the worker's wages or salaries compared to the cost of goods


In 1819, Ricardo secured a seat in the British Parliament and became a respected political figure. His status as an eminent economist ensured that his colleagues would seek out his opinion in matters pertaining to the economy. While in office, he supported tolerance, personal freedom, restrictions on the size and scope of the state, and free trade.


David Ricardo (Hardcover)

David Ricardo


The Principles of Political Economy and Taxation

The Principles of Political Economy and Taxation by David Ricardo This landmark treatise of 1817 formulated the guiding principles behind the market economy. Author Ricardo, with Adam Smith, founded the classical system of political economy, a school of thought that dominated economic policies throughout the 19th century and figured prominently in the theories of John Stuart Mill and Karl Marx.

David Ricardo

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The Elgar Companion to David Ricardo (Hardcover)

Expect More. Pay Less.

Esta infografía te hará un recorrido por la historia de la económica a través de los pensamientos filosóficos de personajes importantes, que analizaron la economía desde otra perspectiva.


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