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"Carson made the point,over and over,that letters on a page are art" - sehr inspirierend wie ich finde David Carson – Harvard Graduate School of Design, 2015


Raygun is my favourite magazine of all time. I really admire David Carson for the design "risks" he took and how in my opinion, he revolutionalized design.


David Carson- I like this design a lot. The font is unique and doesn't take up the whole poster. The colour choice is well done as it adds interest without taking the attention away from everything else.


David Carson is a graphic designer but also do typography. His design looks no logic and blurry that looks like he used different size brush to paint it, it looks like Gothic and feels like a Thriller for this design. some shapes of letter is a bit deformed as like watch by magnifier. This method is very smart to attract people even they won't read the word as the shape of these letter is attractive. Also it combined with the background effectively.