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David Camm's criminal defense team walking into the courthouse

david camm - David Camm is a former Indiana State Trooper convicted in a series of controversial trials of the murders of son Brad, seven, daughter Jill, five, and wife Kim in their Georgetown, Indiana home on Thursday, September 28, 2000. =another scum bag


David Camm, the man twice convicted in the 2000 killings of his wife and…

David Camm, former Indiana State Trooper, has testified that he returned home from a basketball game on the evening of Sep. 28, 2000 to find Kimberly(wife), Bradley & Jill(kids) shot to death in the garage of the family's home & then called the Sellersburg state police post. They arrested him 3 days later & charged with the murders. A 3rd trial has been set for August 5, 2013

David Camm, the man who spent years in prison for the murder of his family…


David Camm is escorted to court in a bullet-proof vest by guards documents 244307964-David-Camm-complaint.pdf

Detectives used faulty blood splatter evidence to convict David Camm twice

Charles Boney was sentenced to 225 years for the murders Camm was tried for 3 times

More meaningless blood splatter evidence that would later be rejected