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Annie Lennox and David Bowie perform "Under Pressure" at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert. Such a jaw dropping performance!


Just listen to the isolated vocals on Queen’s ‘Under Pressure’ feat. David Bowie

Annie Lennox & David Bowie performing 'Under Pressure' at the Freddie Mercury Tribute,Concert for Life,1992.


Read more: Muppets This commercial, created by Google to mark the release of a new Muppets movie, is an entertaining piece showing the Muppets jamming to David Bowie's hit song "Under Pressure" on Google+ Hangout, an app enabling users to videochat with up to 9 friends - wherever they may happen to be. Tags: Google Creative Lab, New York,Hornet, New York,Google, New York

Red David Bowie. As chief pin-ner (damn you autocorrect!), I reserve the right to pin the object of one of my obsessions, David Bowie -- looking suitably slightly sinister, as he should! <3

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How David Bowie and Queen wrote the legendary track Under Pressure