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This what happens when someone tries to steal something fr me... u will end up living a life full of lies knowing he will never love u... have a great life to both of u...

Prediction & Birth Date - Horoscopes: The World Circling Around Date of Birth - Your Prediction & Birth Date astrology guide – Vedic Astrology and its principles are considered as the base of drawing horoscopes. As a part of following of those principles of Vedic Astrology, horoscopes are drawn and predictions are made on the basis of the Zodiac Signs, READ MORE-

What Does Your Birth Date Mean? - Born on the 8th (And a few of my family members) @vicvicvictoria1 (Luca) @grandmarockz


#Taurus: reserve of common sense, generous emotional spirit, shoulders always available to cry on, offer stable/grounding support, extremely loving/kind, prefer to show evidence of love and abundant in affections

Traits of Capricorn Rising/Ascendent. NOTE: This is not the same as the sun sign - aka the day someone is born. Rising Signs change bi-hourly (12 signs over a span of 24 hours) and it is essential to know the time (and place as well as date) of birth in order to calculate. Our Ascendant signifies our outward personality that others, specifically strangers or new people see as well as some of our mannerisms, called our Astrological Mask. It can also have an influence on our childhood. If you…