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Java Design Patterns for Interviews is collection of Object oriented design patterns which as an experienced developer you must know before going for a Job Interview.

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Gilbert Blythe

Jonathan Crombie (1966-2015) who played Gilbert Blythe in the Anne of Green Gables movies, has died at the age of 48.


What are the top 100 SQL Interview Questions and Answers in 2014? Based on the most popular SQL questions asked in interview, we've compiled a list of the 100 …


Robo-Readers Used to Grade Test Essays

Facing a Robo-Grader? Just Keep Obfuscating Mellifluously. NY Times. 4/22/12. "A recently released study has concluded that computers are capable of scoring essays on standardized tests as well as human beings do... For people with a weakness for humans, there is more bad news. Graders working as quickly as they can — the Pearson education company expects readers to spend no more than two to three minutes per essay— might be capable of scoring 30 writing samples in an hour."


Written by one of the UK's leading careers experts, this guide supplies ideal responses to interview questions, so that you are seen as the best candidate for the job.