Mmmmm, Victorian Romance.

dat ankle meme funny pic picture lol we aren't aloud to show our shoulders at school and were always like yes cuz the should is just so sexy I mean look at dat shoulder do

Ye Olde Strip Club

Ye Olde Strip Club>> According to today's dress codes better put the*scAnDaLOuS* shoulders I'm there too

Damn look at the quality of them robes! Might be sexy bitches right there!

WTF Picture Dump

Asking women to cover themselves--to any degree--supports the notion that men cannot control (or are not held accountable for) their behavior. And, anyway. It doesn't work bc "dem toes.

Dary Dixon in The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 1

The Walking Dead TV Series 1 Deputy Rick Grimes Action Figure McFarlane Toys MIB

when you wish this was waiting for you everyone you walked out the front door xxxx

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It is confirmed that the original statue was of a black woman who had broken chains around her ankles, hence the chains still at the foot of the statue today

Knitted Cats You Will Love These Free Patterns | The WHOot

Knitted Cats All The Cutest Free Patterns

stitcherywitchery: “YinYang Kitty Ankle Socks – a free knitting pattern by Geena Garcia.

Camel coat

A Simple Way To Be The Best Dressed In The Room


I don't always send sexy pictures via text, but when I do, they're of my ankle.