Even though Daryl Dixon was not originally planned to be on The Walking Dead, he quickly stole our hearts and became one of our favorite characters. It's hard to imagine what the show would be like without him... If Daryl dies, we RIOT!

When Daryl slings a crossbow over his shoulder, the heavens part and a blinding white light of sexual heat appears. Reasons Why Daryl Dixon Is The Sexiest Man On ?

He's not going to die. There is NO WAY they would do that BUT if they did. I would do this :D

"I don't want to be a zombie ever. I don't want to say goodbye to everybody. I will play Daryl Dixon until I'm 80 years old." - Norman Reedus (TV Guide) Don't you just love him

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If Daryl dies we riot.If anyone hurts Daryl we riot.If Beth does anything to Daryl we riot.If Daryl gets another arrow through the side we riot.If anything happens to Daryl we riot. Yeah im kinda obsessed with Daryl.

How I see The Walking Dead Characters ~ So right about Glenn and Daryl #WalkingDead

How I see The Walking Dead Characters

Funny pictures about How I see the characters of The Walking Dead. Oh, and cool pics about How I see the characters of The Walking Dead. Also, How I see the characters of The Walking Dead photos.

....no words. For the reason, i don't wanna start another uproar. How about this. I hate pete. Good thing to start an uproar on since he slit regs' throat *tears up*

Surprisingly ( your all gonna hate me for this. ) i really dont care if daryl dies. Hes only good for fighting amd nothing else really.<<<<DARYL IS AMAZING IN EVERY WAY

obviously this isn't a true fandom. have they never seen a joss whedon show? a moffat show?

For real. If Daryl dies at some point I'll stop watching the show. BUT HE CAN'T DIE

HA! And he is SO right! Daryl Dixon fangirls! Bob Stookey. Rick Grimes. Gareth. Season 5. RIOT. The Walking Dead. TWD

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Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Danai Gurira, Lauren Cohan, Chad L. Coleman, and Michael Cudlitz envision proper endings

'Walking Dead': 6 stars on how they'd like their characters to die

How The Walking Dead stars would like their characters to die - Norman Reedus on behalf of "Daryl Dixon"

if daryl dies we riot - Google Search

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Norman Reedus to take time off The Walking Dead to shoot Boondock Saints 3 and Boondock Saints TV Show?