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Merle and Carol - Deleted scene TWD season 3 - Why did they cut this scene?! I'm betting a lot of fans would've loved to see a light shine on this side of Carol that we've only felt was there.

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Daryl running to Carol. I LITERALLY SCREAMED "YES!! FINALLY!! CARYL HAPPENED!!" And got kinda teary eyed❤

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psychoanthrowalker: czaritsa:I didn’t sleep for two nights while drawing this— worth it. This is just marvelous!! Well done!!

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We need to develop this friendship/family tie onscreen more. It's been missing since we got to Alexandria.

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Nath #IamFREE on

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WALKING DEAD - Couples ~ Richonne ~ Rick and Michonne ~ The Walking Dead || Daryl and Carol

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Haha! I ship Daryl and Carol over Daryl and Beth any day. Carol is the first, only, and original!

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"Just so you know, I liked you first." Carol Peletier and Daryl Dixon ~ The Walking Dead Fan Art

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Daryl and Carol - definitely the best fictional couple ever. (SOPHIE! I know I am not in the fandom and you probably kill me for pinning this because of some unknown feels but this was too beautiful not to pin! So there you go!)

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I love Daryl and Carol if the walking dead kills him of I will riot with signs and everything.

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conan norman reedus melissa mcbride | Melissa McBride tweets "Conan Tonight!" with a photo of her and her ...

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Could Daryl end up with... Beth??

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