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Charles Darwin Quote Typed on Typewriter

Because it doesn't matter who moved my cheese. It moved. Charles+Darwin+Quote+Typed+on+Typewriter+by+farmnflea+on+Etsy,+$9.00

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Por que você deve parar de acreditar na evolução

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Starting the new year with a new project - evolution

Evolution is fact... Creationism is denial of the facts! I'm guessing people such as yourselves never go to the Smithsonian or any such place. You may have to learn something other than what your bible tells you. Kind of like you insane bible thumpers went after me in that fucking apartment!

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A speck of matter came to life, and it began right away to interact within and among itself. Life came accompanied by relationships, a fundamental expression of the connectedness that has been part of all life that has followed. The theory of evolution maintains that mutations occur which alter the capacity of a life form in some way. If the alteration is beneficial, enhancing its life, the mutation is incorporated into the life of the form in an ongoing way.

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Feeding adaptations in beaks. When identifying a mystery bird, the shape of the beak will tell you a lot about it’s lifestyle. Looking at the conformation of the body and the shape of the wings will also give a good indication as to what that bird has evolved to do (catch fish / bugs etc). Feeding adaptations in beaks

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The entire library of illustrations, journal entries, and research notes of Charles Darwin has been identified and digitally archived! And it's FREE!

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Evolution to blame for bad backs, dropped arches and impacted wisdom teeth, say scientists Evolution may have catapulted humans to the top of the food chain but it also landed us with bad backs, dropped arches and impacted wisdom teeth, according to scientists.

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