Dark Souls - Solaire of Astora by IgorWolski.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

igorwolski: “ A second one of my Dark Souls pieces. I wanted to keep it about the few good souls you meet during your adventure. I hope you’ll find your sun Solaire, but it’s not down here.

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"Crest of the Sun" by Typhoonic Solaire of Astora that optimistic knight on a undead's world. Praise the Sun SunBros crest design from an action role-playing game involving knights and bonfires.

WARRIOR OF SUNLIGHT Recruitment Poster - Propaganda Art

I want YOU for a Warrior of Sunlight! Come and engage in jolly cooperation!" Gallery quality, Giclée fine art print in a matte finish created with Cotton paper and archival inks.

Dark Souls | Chosen Undead cannot handle Solaire's Radiance when he's unmasked

Dark Souls | Chosen Undead cannot handle Solaire's Radiance when he's unmasked

Solaire of Astora by Emortal982.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Solaire is practically the mascot of Dark Souls, he's known for being the most jolly and friendly guy in a dying, dark world. He's become enough of an icon that I can wear a shirt referencing him and make friends through that

Dark Souls Solaire of Astora Praise the Sun 3 by Crowsmack

Sunbro Praise the Sun Metallic Gold Vinyl Decal for Smart Phone, Car Window or Laptop

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Can someone please tell me why dose overwatch have its own section but not dark souls?


Started playing Demon’s Souls. Oh man, I didn’t know Dark Souls was treating me so nicely.