Then I'd wonder if my things hadn't been the person returning my "lost" stuff, trust no-one lol

Gone for a long time

Imagine if someone handed you a box filled with things you've lost throughout your life

The darkest jokes ever...

The darkest jokes ever. Some were awful. Not a fan of dead kid/ child abuse jokes, and a few others were just boring.

Memes From The Comments 2

What I find hilarious that is if you scroll down to see the "most important note" it's usually someone who is triggered about it being too offensive prf

Sad and dark memes that are only funny if you can laugh at yourself.

13 Depressing Memes Your Emo Side Will Totally Appreciate

13 Depressing Memes Your Emo Side Will Totally Appreciate - Gallery

Book of Idiots | HOW TO FIND OUT IF THERE'S AFTERLIFE STEP 1: DIE | image tagged in book of idiots | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

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this person must either really like to drink bleach or do laundry. I bet they just love doing laundry a bit too much.

Anyone who has suffered from depression knows that it is a debilitating disease that affects every aspect of one’s life. It’s not fun or funny in any way, and it’s a serious concern that should never be taken lightly. I personally have not suffered from depression, but I have watched loved ones and friends go through it, and I can tell you that, even as an outsider, it’s incredibly upsetting.

30 Times Tumblr Perfectly Explained What Depression Is Really Like

sometimes just considering everything i have to do in one day makes me want to cry.