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Human Jack, Jack Frost, Pitch Frost...or is it Jack Black? We could always just say Evil Jack, but it doesn't sound as cool.


Dark Jack Frost. I'm loving this waaaay too much for my own good ^///^ << heh. That collar-thingy is hurting him, look closely at the first picture! I think it's sad, really.


Frozen Heart {Jack Frost & Elsa} - {Dark Frost}

I watch her as she sleeps. I change her in her dreams. She will be mine so sleep now, my precious Elsa. <<< I imagine Jack possessed by Pitch. I don't ship Jelsa. Or Pilsa. But I imagine Pitch wanting Elsa so he can rule the kingdom through her.


what could have happened if Jack Frost listened to Pitch Black.... dark Jack.....kinda hot


A Deal ( Jack Frost x Pitch)

So, I saw this and thought 'Jack Frost'. Then I really saw the dark side of his face, and I thought 'Is this supposed to show Jack in an alternate world where, instead of shooting Sandy, Pitch got Jack? And instead of "dying" Jack's mind was taken over by Pitch, and Pitch used Jack's immense power to destroy all the Guardians and cover the world with fear.


Jack: "300 years is a long time. especially when your living in fear that you'll never be seen again. I'm done with that, I won't live in that fear any longer. so heres the new me. the one who's not afraid of himself anymore, the one who's not afraid to fight back!" Elsa: "you know all those years alone, in fear of who, of what you are. it changes you. for better or for worse I don't know. but for me, living in fear. it just made me into the monster you think I am" (maybe book, comment…