5.) My location of my dream job, is in a dark city where justice hasn't even touched even the edge of the city. I would travel at night throughout the city to look for situations in which would needs me to protect the innocent and take down the unjustice. This picture signifies the town in which unjustice feeds off, where cops don't bother on, but where I would interefere in

Dark City Streets by Paul Cook ~ Sauchiehall Lane, Glasgow

«Open/w Adam»I heard rumors spreading through the streets like wild fire.I told Anna to get out of the city and find safety incase the rumors where true.I was walking down the alley with my hands in my coat.I had a gun in my pocket incase someone tired to hurt me.I kept my head down until I bumped into you "Hey watch it!"I growl.I look at you,you where shaking and had a evil grin on "What the hell is wrong with you?"

A Life Worth Living - Moment

Natural Exterior Light.  This dark and creepy alley has a great feel to it.

-Mood -Not much light and reflecting off wet street

my clock was always there. always

Support Blackmore: A Steampunk Adventure Game for Wii U iQiOi interested in a…

Manhattan, the first time. Full of skyscrapers that reach up towards the heavens and a city flooded

Total darkness, except that low light at the top of course.

Variations on a Dark City and Other Works by Espen Dietrichson

Norwegian artist Espen Dietrichson combines photography, digital techniques and screen printing to create amazing artworks depicting levitating, exploded architectural structures.

City, photographer Edgar Zhukovsky

City by photographer Edgar Zhukovsky

Frogger and... Tone? Maybe he catches them tagging his apartment, Frogger thinks he'll yell, but all he does is grin and thank then for being awesome/a light/brave

"so is this bolton city through the eyes of it's most inteligent pigeon?

steampunktendencies: “ The Art of Joe Studzinski ”

steampunktendencies: The Art of Joe Studzinski

quinima: “ steampunktendencies: “ The Art of Joe Studzinski ” I really love concept art because of how much detail goes into it.

This image appears to be the definition of peaceful. There is no electricity. There is no people. The sun cannot provide power. It is serene.

somewhere in the sea of buildings under a blanket of musty dark sky forever, a…

Looking up :-)                                                       …

'Look up' Works with the shadows on the buildings, so they look darker than usual, like how the buildings are dark and the sky is light, like the opposite of negative space.

distopian nught scene

we are made of stardust

Christophe Jacrot - Hong Kong

Nuit de Chine Christophe Jacrot Hong-Kong in the Rain

The Strangers from the movie Dark City.  Worst nightmare ever--I had an Old Hag/sleep paralysis dream and hallucinated one of these guys smashing my chest.

Dark City Strangers- film still

Cyberpunk Atmosphere, Futuristic, Future City, Dark Future by Chris Spencer <<<< inspiration for the city of Perfects in my book The Imperfect One.

Jinbo Speedpaint by DCkiq on DeviantArt --- gradation for depth

"Jewel City doesn't belong to the heroes; it belongs to the underdogs, like me." Blüd announced to the crowd of scum packed into the cramped space beneath the city.

"Jewel City doesn't belong to the heroes; it belongs to the underdogs, like me.