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Schmidt (+dark red hair). I like to think that he keeps his hair kind of long as…

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Nico di Angelo with a gift from Hestia, anime style - I really like this it feels slightly dark but I think it works well.

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Mishakuji Yukari | K Project #anime

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...sag mal warum finde ich dieses Bild so süß?

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Ugh Kira you may be a mass murderer but why do you have to be sexy all the time *nosebleed intensifies* ugghhhh

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you never know until it's over

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by Ecru[1/8] (@Ecru_RWBY) | Twitter

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Alexander Nikolaevich "Sasha" | Seikon no Qwaser #manga Dark but awesome never read it keeping this for future referance

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I looked at the red haired boy, he's a murderer. He tilts his head at me and smirks. "I think your gonna be my pet." He says pulling me to my feet and pats my head. Pet?! Oh great. I looked at him and he flashed me a grin. "They call me Red, what's yours?" He asks and I blink with shock but I nod. "Snow." I say, my hair was naturally Snow White, but my eyes were bright green. "Good." He says before he knocks me out and throws me over his shoulder. "No hard feelings, Snow."

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You are falling to pieces every second .... People just see it as a simple "bad vibe" but its the hardest thing to explain ever so let then go on that route....

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