Max Guevara "Jessica Alba" Dark Angel (2000-2002). Back in the days when she had an attitude which made her interesting; before she became "only" incredibly beautiful

Max Guevara - Designation: - Group: Eyes Only Informant Net / Transgenics / former Manticore - Occupation: Bike messenger/Cat burglar/Former soldier - Dark Angel TV Series (James Cameron) starring Jessica Alba

Dark Angel. The show was dropped before it could really take flight.

Do you recognize them? Michaek Weatherly and jessica alba -DARK ANGEL

The Dark Angel TV Show (2000 - 2002) with Jessica Alba as Max Guevera / X5-452 and Michael Weatherly as Logan Cale / Eyes Only.

The Dark Angel TV Show - with Jessica Alba as Max Guevera / and Michael Weatherly as Logan Cale / Eyes Only.

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In the 2002 series finale of "Dark Angel," Jessica Alba's Max jumped on an observation drone marked "Seattle Police." This is no longer fiction as Seattle Police Department recently purchased a "Draganflyer" surveillance drone helicopter.

Dark Angel (2000) - SciFan World

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Dark Angel.  Why oh why did Fox have to cancel this show too?

Max and Alec - Dark Angel Ok, not a couple but seriously opportunity wasted when you get such hot people together with such chemistry in a room.