Daredevil by Edward Pun MATTHEW! Still love the plain black mask but the outfits cool too.

One reason why I like the Netflix Daredevil is because you actually see the hero get .

Daredevil - Alex Maleev || Love this image because it reminds me of a clock in a bar in Hell's Kitchen I went to a few times.

Top 10 Marvel Comics Superheroes

Daredevil marvel

by popular request, here's my Daredevil artwork!

Dan Mora ‏@Danmora_c  Mar 18 Daredevil Netflix

Dan Mora on

This particular piece of comic book art is from Dare Devil, a very popular character from Marvel can be closely related to Batman. I certainly find this character quite interesting from backstory, weapons and abilities.

rockofeternity:  Daredevil *Art by John Romita Jr. & Al WilliamsonStory by Frank Miller

rockofeternity: “Daredevil Art by John Romita Jr. & Al Williamson Story by Frank Miller ”