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Fat Loss Motivation 3 - The Best Female Fat Loss Transformations [30 Pics]!

Benefits of the #lemonpeel For more on #juicing and how I add lemon peel to all my juices, sign up for my ezine at

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Daniel Fast: Benefits, Food List and Breakthrough Secrets

Daniel Fast: Benefits, Food List and Breakthrough Secrets

See more here ► Tags: fastest and easiest way to lose weight, fastest way to lose weight in a month, the best and fastest way to lose weight - Daniel Fast Diet for a limited time can be very healing to the system~jamie~

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For change to happen in any area of your life, whether it’s financial, vocational, educational, mental, or relational, you have to begin with the physical. Learn why in this devotional from Pastor Rick's Daily Hope. More

Zero Calorie Noodle Soup

I have to say I was fairly sceptical when I first read about “Zero Calorie” “Miracle Noodles”. How food can have zero calories is beyond me. And anyway, what would they even taste like?! Well, the answer is pretty shocking! Zero calorie noodles taste like… Noodles. The texture is a lot like skinny udon noodles... Read more

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Deliciously Ella's baked avocado with sun-dried tomatoes and pine nuts

These soft baked avocados with fresh herbs, lemon and tomatoes are perfect for a savoury breakfast or brunch

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