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Daniel Clifford Recipes

Pea and prawns with dashi jelly

Pea, prawn and dashi jelly - a dazzling combination that lights up this summery canapé from Daniel Clifford

2-Michelin Star Chef Daniel Clifford Creates A Roast Quail And Shallot Puree Recipe -- Watch Staff Canteen create this delicious recipe at

Slow-cooked venison saddle with suet pudding and carrot purée

Daniel Clifford shares a slow-cooked venison saddle recipe, wonderful and world-class comfort food once served with choucroute and carrot purée.

Fillet of beef, shallot marmalade, celeriac purée and essence of port

A slow-cooked beef recipe is given a twist by renowned chef Daniel Clifford. Confited garlic and shallot marmalade ensure the tender beef is well accompanied


Whiskey sours

Daniel Clifford shares his whiskey sour recipe, which can be used to round off a dinner party with a bang. Use good American bourbon for these petit fours

Stuffed red mullet with a Parmesan purée, caramelised artichokes and green olive powder

Daniel Clifford cooked this stuffed red mullet recipe on Great British Menu 2012, scoring a perfect 10 from the judges. It's an excellent way to cook red mullet

Cointreau orange chocolates

This orange chocolate recipe from Daniel Clifford is flavoured with Cointreau for a beautifully simple chocolate petit four treat