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How to Make Mitarashi Kushi Dango, Skewered Sweet Dumplings

Don't Miss These Top Summer Obon Festival Foods! - Part Japanese Food: Mitarashi Dango - Article by Judy Ung for


Three Colour (Sanshoku) Dango

Sanshoku Dango. Looks so delicious! In Japan, this is usually sold near shinto shrines, and can be sweet or savory.

For those unaccustomed to Japanese food, even the most common edibles may seem quite odd and, well, unappetizing, at first glance. The first time you saw monjayaki, did you not think it looked a little...weird? Of course, not all Japanese cuisine is unappealing to the eyes, but even the delicious-looking food is st ...


The good old Japanese sweets "Mitarashi Dango" , Rilakkuma version! Enjoy the step-by-step instruction of how to create this cuteness.


Hanami Dango

<p>Hanami Dango is a Japanese sweet Mochi dessert, where 3 different Dango balls, pink, white, and green, are skewered on a stick. In Japan, the end of March to April is the time of viewing and appreciating cherry blossoms (