"Pokémon×Danganronpa : Pikachu×Monokuma (by 作之介, Pixiv Id 250053)" Cute Pikachu cute cute cute

"Pokémon×Danganronpa : Pikachu×Monokuma (by 作之介, Pixiv Id Cute Pikachu cute cute cute

cuidado eu tenho um lado mau que atrapalha as pessoas oie eu tenho um lado bom que ser minha amiga ????

Enoshima Junko from DanganRonpa. The mastermind behind Monocuma, she want everyone in the world to feel nothing but despair.

I can see naegi, "Junko" celest, Leon, Kirigiro, Asahina and chihiro . How about you?

Character: Monokuma - Host of the Mutual Killing Games and Remote Controlled Puppet of the Mastermind to Hide Identity

Dangan Ronpa Monobear | Costume Photos

DanganRonpa Monobear = Manokuma: evil priceable, created the killing game for the "hope's pick high school" students to play.

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