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Joyce Hicks This is a finger print which I found to be a really nice pattern to print on fabric. To do it I could blow my own hand print and then screen print on fabrics

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12 things it's ok to use your guests' help with at your wedding

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This is an image of a woman holding a piece of paper with a picture of her future face. Here, you can see both her present/past face and future face.

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Powerful Dance Portraits Capture the Elegance and Intensity of the Human Body in Motion

Moscow-based photographer Alexander Yakovlev has an amazing talent for conveying the elegant, refined energy of dancers. His stunning studio portraits capture dancers mid-pose, exuding a grace and power that is fortified by the primarily black and white aesthetic and clean scene compositions. Yakovlev’s photography provides viewers the opportunity to fully appreciate the majesty of a moving human body frozen in time, each image radiating an intangible element that makes it hard to look…

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Aerie's new ads feature an unretouched ballerina

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beach ballerina FOUND HER!!!!! :D BOY...if you see something you just love on here, better pin it RIGHT after your done pinning Then you have that website saved too. Those little boxes catch me every time after a pin.. OR, I go to the website and get lost in it and their links.:p

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