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How you feel when the teacher uses your name in an example. But only if it's a good example.

24 Painfully Real Struggles Only Dancers Will Relate To - this should definitely make you laugh!

24 Struggles People Who Aren’t Dancers Won’t Understand

this is me i will be doing my hair for gymnastics and my bobby pin will dissapear into thin air.

Ballet dance meme.... In school today, a non-dancer was saying how easy dance was. I may or not of thrown a desk at her

All 32 Quarterbacks As Their Team Name!

I think I speak for all dancers when I say this to the 90%: Yeah everyone did, IDC

5 Qualities Every Ballet Teacher Should Have

Me: I dance. Person: I used to dance. Me: Cool, what did you dance? *has a five minute convo before figuring out that they are just talking about the class that they were forced to take when they were When will I learn?

@Anna Totten Totten Totten Swierenga Neville this was Claire when you stole the window!!!

And when you steal my corner in the center, you better run -_- ✌

Or any other friends who don't dance...

Yes but they can go on and on about stupid ringette and hickey