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How ballerinas are 'literally fattening up' as industry moves away from tyranny of thin

I love this quote because a lot of boys play football and they all say dance is not a sport well here you go boys!

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24 Struggles People Who Aren’t Dancers Won’t Understand

24 Painfully Real Struggles Only Dancers Will Relate To - this should definitely make you laugh!

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Sometimes happens with my feet when had a 2 hour dance rehearsal on point at the…

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Dancing in circles around the island, or doing some barre or a balance. You know it *grins and nods*

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Meet The "Hannibal" Fannibals, TV's Newest And Most Intense Fandom

oh goodness. i love dance humor :D DANCE at

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Well there's the bright side. No boyfriend = more time to work on my turns!!!!

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Haha true one time I did five inside turns when my sister was watching... Haven't done it since

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i went to Ballet Fest Atlanta and there was an EIGHT YEAR-OLD DANCING POINTE AND SHE HAD BEEN FOR THREE YEARS.

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