Dan Smith from Bastille. Awesome voice! I just preordered his upcoming album "Bad Blood" due sometime in September!

Dan Smith, Bastille’s singer in the last issue of Modzik Stylisme : Marco Manni Photography : David MacGillivary

Dan Smith ~ Bastille. Now THATS how you eat popcorn DREAM MAN

Random pic of the night is man wearing hoodie backwards to assist with eating his snack. I just want to know how the guy thought of this.

I was lucky enough to be able to see this lovely dork tonight...

Dan Smith of Bastille, in studio, in his I Killed Laura Palmer shirt

Dan Smith of Bastille... inside a tent wearing a tiger costume and holding a water bottle. Oh you cute little weirdo you.


Dan Smith of Bastille. Inside a tent wearing a tiger onesie and holding a water bottle. Oh, you cute little weirdo, you.