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(Dan Howell) ''Hello! I'm Dan. I'm a tall, socially awkward YouTuber. I'm also very nerdy. I have a best friend named Phil(anyone wanna do Phan? Anyone?) He is also a youtber. I'm from London as you can tell by the fact that I sound like the queen. Im a bit self conscious and im in the Drama club and Art club. Im currently single and Bisexual.''

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Imagine looking like this all the time = dan howell's reality

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keep in mind that in the first two he was starING AT A STATUE BUTT AND IN THE LAST TWO HE GOT CAUGHT

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Dan Howell. HOW CAN ONE PERSON BE SO FREAKING CUTE AND ADORABLE?!?!?!<<<< yes!!! And the moment i seen this I HAD to save it

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8 GIFs That Sum Up Your Passionate Love Affair With Pizza

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