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Exposed: This picture of a nurse at Presbyterian Hospital transporting a Dallas County sheriff's deputy who feared he had Ebola last week, shows that the protective garb exposes the neck below the face mask

Original black and white photographic negative taken by Dallas Times Herald and United Press International photographer Darryl Heikes. This image shows assassination eyewitnesses Jean Hill (left) and Mary Moorman (right) at the Dallas County Sheriff's office the afternoon of November 22, 1963

Pat Garrett was an Old West lawman, bartender, and customs agent who was best known for killing Billy the Kid. He was also the sheriff of Lincoln County, New Mexico. Pat Garrett grew up on a prosperous Louisiana plantation near Haynesville. He left home in 1869 and found work as a cowboy in Dallas County, Texas. In 1875, he left to hunt buffalo. Garrett moved to New Mexico and opened his own saloon. A tall man, he was referred to by locals as "Juan Largo" or "Long John".

. Bonnie Parker lays in the morgue at Arcadia, La., after being shot to death on a nearby country road with her bank robber partner Clyde Barrow, May 23, 1934. Looking on at right is Bill Decker, chief deputy of Dallas County, Texas. (AP Photo)

from The Daily Beast

Forgotten Photographs of the Civil Rights Struggle

Deputies approach child demonstrator in front of the Dallas County courthouse Selma, Alabama, July 8, 1964 Photography by Matt Herron

Officers from the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office and Iowa State Patrol took 46-year-old Scott Michael Greene into custody and were taking him to Des Moines

A man is dead after Dallas County Sheriff said he was shot while breaking into a home.