Dali Flower, 1969 Salvador Dali

Dali Flower, 1969 Salvador Dali, possibly part of the Alice in Wonderland collection?

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butterflies by Salvador Dali - I like this artwork as it is very delicate and i admire the intricacy.

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Turkish tattooist Eva Krdbk is known for creating beautifully unconventional body art. Last year, we marveled at her cross-stitch style tattoos for their f

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Salvador Dalí tattoo. beautiful tattoo, great location.

Dali tattoo, from "Destino"

Salvador Dali Tattoo

50 Salvador Dali Tattoo Designs For Men - Artistic Ink Ideas

: Salvador Dali

: Salvador Dali

Really want a Dali tattoo.

The Persistence of Memory, Salvador Dali

omg i can't believe it this is literally what i want done and where i want it done this is perfect omg it looks fantastic i have to get it

Dali Elephant but with a carousel horse instead of an elephant. Maybe a carousel horse & elephant on either side of rib cage?

My most recent obsession is one of many images by Salvador Dali in which he adds a bunch of drawers to a human figure. If you do a Google image search for “Dali drawers”, you’ll see what I mean.  The most famous piece is probably his “Anthropomorphic Cabinet.” But this is the drawing that caught my attention. It’s a sketch for part of a 4-panel screen. (I haven’t found any images of the final work, and as far as I know the project was never completed.)

dali illustration - not mine

Dali inspired work #errancetattoos

Minimal And Illustrative Black Tattoos By Errance


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salvador Dali tattoos unique 3d design for cool tattoos idea.

salvador Dali tattoos unique design for cool tattoos idea.

Love this. Salvador Dali clock on crescent moon.

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small unique tattoos for women: Salvador Dali

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Unique cool tattoos inspired by Salvador Dali - artwork by very talented tattoo artists from all over the world.