Taken lijstje huishouden lamineren en vervolgens taken doorhalen met whiteboard marker! Goed idee!


daily cleaning schedule -- 30 minutes per day on daily chores, 30 minutes per day on weekly chores

Daily chore chart for adults-I doubt I could take two days off if I did this.

6 Cleaning Hacks that Will Keep Your House Spotless

For the Working Mom: Keep your house clean (yes, deep cleaned, even!) with one chore per day, includes a printable list. This is so doable and covers everything! Yes, I'm a "working" mom even if I do stay @ home w/ my kids!

home cleaning products list | ... com Blog : Prevent Household Disasters by Creating a Cleaning Schedule

Complete Housekeeping Printable Set!

Lots of awesome home management printables Master House Cleaning List: I included every chore I could think of .

I hate housework. By that I mean I resent the hell out of it. But I LOVE a clean house. My version if housework: it gets to a point I can't stand, clean like mad and then get POed if anyone dares mess it up. It is not a healthy cycle. Maybe this would work better.

BASIC CLEANING SCHEDULE - WEEKLY (When I move this will be mandatory-minus the constant dishwashing and laundry doing *I only have like 4 plates and I don't need to do laundry every day*)

25 Organizing and Decluttering Tips to Simplify Your Life

25 Organizing and Decluttering Tips to Simplify Your Life

The Ultimate Household Chore List

The Ultimate Household Chore List

Having trouble keeping your house clean and organized? Use a family chore chart to stay on top of the workload. Here are 33 chores to do to keep your house sparkling.

So simple but why didn't I think of this? Conquering the Chore List

Keys to Conquering a Chore List

I like this daily cleaning list from "Little Green Notebook." I should try it! I dont think i could stick to it very well though with a new born baby.