Writing centre. Samples of what students can work on include: Letter writing List making Story writing Start a Topic book (a book all about topic of student's choice) Comic strips Card making... All materials available for students at one location.

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Enjoy this easily customized Daily 5 Rotation. You can use just the first page and have students move their names to the Daily 5 station of their choice or you can use all five slides and have the students look to see which station they are assigned to.

Here's a FREE Speller's Choice Menu that can be used with any spelling list. The kids love it because there's a variety of activities to choose from, and teachers love it because these activities manage to incorporate phonics, grammar, writing AND math!!! :) I just place it in a sheet protector in their take-home binder for them to use with homework every night.

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Boggle- This is by far the most popular in my room. I got this amazing activity from Create-Teach-Share and my kids go bananas for it. I just change the letters weekly to reflect our spelling pattern focus and they go on a word making frenzy. LOVE it!

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