Nerd — He was the hottest in prisoner of azkaban

Part Harry Potter as the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher<<<< did you guys not pay attention? The defence against the dark arts teacher profeesion is cursed! Honestly, i mean, all the teachers only lasted one term.

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Official Harry Potter Pottermore Infographic - Defence Against the Dark Arts -- Wayne, Designer, Illustrator, Art Director and Enthusiast working at Beyond in London. (Professor Lupin is my fav)

Funny tumblr post <<< *whispers* he'd say maths because he's British

Funny tumblr post <<< *whispers* he'd say maths because he's British

The stuff that Muggleborns do at Hogwarts. Fanfic ideas. This is AMAZING! Muggleborns4Ever! "Mudblood and proud!"-Hermione Granger

The stuff that Muggleborns do at Hogwarts. I feel like Dumbledore would keep the clicking pen and irritate Snape during meetings and such.

Pretty sure this is the actual HP ending and the book is a lie. Plus it would totally get rid of all the Cursed Child nonsense because then Al wouldn't have a lot of pressure to live up to his dad by all the other kids because they would be like whatever he's a normal dude. But then again maybe Harry became an auror to show that sometimes in life you listen to what others tell you to do an don't follow your own dreams. And that makes me sad.

I always thought Harry did something like Ron did. Was an Auror for a little bit and had a decent time of it and then went back and became a Hogwarts Professor

This is definitely more art exhibition than theatre show but I just liked the image...

Comptines sur le corps chez Marilau

Idea of air visible on stage -,use balloons, alternative to bubbles at end of show? (Airheads) by Jacob Sutton ~Fashion photography. Cropped from original colour photo.

Tate glossary definition for medium: Can refer to both to the type of art (painting, sculpture and printmaking) as well as the materials an artwork is made from

Tate glossary definition for documentary art: Term associated with the artists who documented the harsh realities of British life during the Depression in the

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10 Easy Christmas Decorations Anyone Can Master

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René Magritte. Surreal, or real? Don't we all put masks on every day in the "social construction of reality?"

When getting ready in the morning, which face do you put on to go out into the world? I usually have the smiley one, but sometimes the grumpy if I am in a I hate people mood.