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If Roses Grow In Heaven-father 2

August 3rd Birthday memories of you Dad......grief revisited, but, also gratitude that the Lord blessed us with such a loving,'dedicated to our family', beautiful Father. Loving you to Heaven this day Dad....God gave us The Best when he gave us you.♥♥

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We shared a dance one time I wish I would of paid more attention. Missing you today Dad...

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Missing You Mom and Dad At Christmas - It's sad that you're not with us, at this lovely time of year, but we have precious memories, of when you both were here. Description from I searched for this on

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A much more simple, positive and refreshing notion than the Middle Eastern ideas of judgement, punishment and prohibition. However, let's not deny that those religions have also enriched our cultural heritage. It's just that we should be seeing them for what they are and leaving them behind now.

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