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Cylinder Seal of Dark-brown Stone, 18 x 10.5 mm. In the middle is an eagle, with wings spread and tail feathers showing below the body. With either talon it is gripping the back of a recumbent horned animal. To the right of this group is a reared up lion. This is an Akkadian seal, c. 2300-2150 B.C., from Mesopotamia or a neighbouring area. The eagle is the mythological Imdugud-bird, known from Sumerian texts.


18th century, Qianlong Period, Qing dynasty. Composed of a pair of tall cylinders joined by a falcon with outspread wings standing on the head of a bear-like beast, the tail and hind of each creature emerging between the vases at the rear to form a handle surmounted with a bat, each cylinder decorated in low relief with a broad band of bosses above another band of archaistic recumbent silk worm scrolls and a lower border of pendent cicada blades, key fret border around the foot ring, fitted…

Serpopard--serpent-necked lioness. 3000 BC cylinder seal of Uruk, the Louvre.This creature may have represented the chaos that existed in areas not ruled the ruler of Egypt. - Wikipedia


Maths challenge using dominoes. Adding girl and subtraction boy. Download


Pick And Mix Drum Lampshade Choice Of Colours

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Small storage for along the side of a house

Shed. for stuff underneath the stairs. e.g. things like lamp shades/ shelves that belong to the landlord and clothes waiting for the charity shop. or plant pots etc...