Cyd Charisse - Singing in the Rain / Happy Birthday Cyd - March 8, 1922.  Amazing Dancer.

Cyd Charisse - Singing in the Rain / Happy Birthday Cyd - March Amazing Dancer.

Cyd Charisse

Cyd Charisse

Cyd Charisse - She is so beautiful here.

Here you go- A very nice Cyd Charisse photo collection! “I never thought of myself as a ‘Star’, not even after I made my biggest films,” says Cyd. “Perhaps that’s because I am basically an introver.

Gene Kelly, Cyd Charisse in Singin' In the Rain (Gotta Dance number).

Gene Kelly & Cyd Charisse in Singing in the Rain. One of the most beautiful and sexy dance scenes ever.

Gene Kelly & Cyd Charisse -- "Singin' in the Rain" (1952) // watched this movie all the time when I was kid (still do!), and I had a whole side story to go along with this particular dance, about a man whose wife had died and he sees her ghost everywhere

Gene Kelly & Cyd Charisse The best dance duo ever of Hollywood. They actually danced together three times for three movies. Singin' in the Rain (pictured), Brigadoon, and It's Always Fair Weather.

Cyd Charisse and Gene Kelly in the "Broadway Melody" ballet from "Singin' in the Rain."  Charisse was popularly considered to have the best legs in Hollywood.  She wasn't a shabby dancer, either.  Neither was Kelly, for that matter.

Cyd Charisse and Gene Kelly in "Singin in the rain" my favorite musical. I just love Cyd Charisse's dress!

Cyd Charisse lingerie crinoline merry widow stockings garters 40s photo print ad model movie star

There's no comparison to old Hollywood musicals Legs - A tribute to Cyd Charisse - gorgeous vintage undergarments, lingerie, petticoat (movie: silk stockings)

Cyd Charisse & Fred Astaire - The Band Wagon, 1953

Cyd Charisse & Fred Astaire in The Band Wagon — dir Vincente Minnelli