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This poster is a very simple picture of a grenade but with texting icons added it becomes a strong message. It contrasts well with the light background.

from The Techie Teacher

Top 10 List of Technology Themed Read Aloud Books

10 technology themed read aloud books for tech inspired lessons. Digital citizenship, online safety, powering down, cyber-bullying, cyber-safety, 3D printing, coding, evaluating websites and technology moderation are all topics covered.

The reason why I am doing this is because I have seen how the world has changed over the last few years and children do not go out and play like they used to instead they sit infront of a computer screen inside all the time, so my aim is to try and get people out and experiencing things but most of all to have a peace of mind, keeping safe and enjoying yourselves.


Although this picture is depressing and giving a sad message I find it so powerful. Everyday, homosexuals are bullied face to face and also over social media. They are called names such as fag and pussy. These words can truly hurt and effect someone's lives maybe not right away but in the future. Over the past years the number of teen LGBTQ suicides has increased which is a huge issue.