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Cutlery Art by Matt Wilson

South Carolina sculptor Matt Wilson makes amazing cutlery art. Matt is specialized in sculptures made out of found materials. This series of sculptures are

Cutlery Art by Matt Wilson

sculpture artwork - Although sculpture artwork traditionally utilizes clay or another kind of moldable, the creations by Matt Wilson that sees utensils transformed int.

Fork turned into bracelet... There is loads of gorgeous jewellery knocking around made from old knives, forks and spoons. At a most basic level, all you need is an old fork, some pliers and a few minutes, et voila! a fun and free bracelet.

Unique Recycled Silver Fork Bracelet in Original Curly Design Number One

Elephant Fork pendant by victorsARTbeats on Etsy

A crab made out of vintage silver plated spoons and forks. My inventory is always changing so the one you receive may be slightly different than the one pictured.

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RepurposedMe Items - Necklaces - Forkin'Art... The world's junk is a creative man's treasure.

RepurposedMe Items - Necklaces - I Forkin'artfrorki . The world's junk is a creative man's treasure.

Photo: Coat hooks made from recycled cutlery  I love creative designs and unusual ideas   follow us on pinterest ==

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Recycled Art Home Decor Idea of Recycled Metal Spoons. Recycled Wall Hooks Made from Metal Folks. Creative Wall Hooks on Salvaged Wooden Board, DIY