We have exciting news!! Coming in April!! We are expecting our first little Bailey into the family! I still can't believe it! I will doing weekly updates through my pregnancy! Stay tuned.Xx5 weeksI'm feeling: overly exhausted, no energy, insomnia at night (go figure), weird dreamsbaby's…

Love this pregnancy announcement. More than likely going to wait until we find out the gender of baby to reveal, so we'll do some blue balloons too💙

Why not include the whole household in your pregnancy announcement? The 50 dogs got it right! #pregnancy #Photography

50 Adorable Dogs Who Shared Their Family's Pregnancy News In The Best Way

So cute! So doing this! Idk if I still have their first outfits, but I have their hats and hospital shirts. ;)

Loooove this idea! Shadow box with the outfit you brought th home in, hospital band, and baby picture with clock showing the time they were born!