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Cute Saturday Minions quotes (10:25:10 AM, Saturday 20, February 2016 PST) – 10 pics

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A collection of quotes that will blow your minds away! from love quotes, inspirational quotes,...

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Next time you go on a roller coaster take some spare bolts with you & tell the person in front of you, "Dude these came out of your seat!"

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Me... except, I need my crush... or a guy my age... to say I'm beautiful or cute.

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Similar to wt Niall from 1D said Only difference was He was asked wt would u have if some asked u for some chocolates out if ur 10 chocolates He said 10 He was wt if they took it forcefully He said 10 chocolates nd a dead body XD

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Big Funny Minions Pictures Post

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That happened before! And it was a mtg with one of the big bosses! Someone cracked a joke in our internal chat group and the rest of us were tearing from holding back the laughter! We couldn't look at one another without choking again! Internal chat group posting during mtgs was banned thereafter! Lol

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