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What a precious mixed kitty

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The Fatal Gift of Beauty

kitten with a halo

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Happy Kitty - 5th October 2015

What a cutie patootie !!

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//trio cuteness More

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'High-Five Mummy' - Adorable Little Baby Ginger Kitten in a Box

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That Special Moment - 22nd August 2016

That Special Moment - 22nd August 2016 - We Love Cats and Kittens

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27 Positions Every Single Person Has Been In Before

Poor cat dressed up as a cookie monster. Doesn't look very comfortable... But looks so cute! #kitty #adorable

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10 Cute Cat Pictures for Your Day

Such an adorable kitty <3

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Love your cat but not the allergy? Call Peninsula Research Associates today to…

Adorable Cat Has the Big Hypnotizing Eyes of a Wise Owl

It’s not hard to see why Gimo the cat is so unforgettable—just one look into his large eyes and you’ll be mesmerized! The Scottish Fold has pupils reminiscent of a wise owl, which appear even larger when framed by his all-black fur. At the same time, they’re extremely expressive: wonder, surprise, and playfulness are all part of Gimo’s non-verbal communication. re-pinned by #Pet Supplies for #Cats and #Dogs

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