Those days you lay in bed and just play around together are the ones u always remember. Spend time to reconnect ♡

Someone who brings out the best in you.not the stress in you, So true

let’s cuddle on a rainy day, watch old movies, and make out quotes quote words word saying sayings

let's cuddle on a rainy day, watch old movies, and make out. quotes quote words word saying sayings quotes & things bed bedroom sheets love loving lovers sleeping sleepy couples in love cute couples couple. This is so much fun.

#wattpad #romance Picture this: you are snuggled up in bed with a giant cow onesie on. When all of a sudden a mafia family walk in. You obviously try to hide the fact that your messy bun isn't like the girls on tumblr by sinking lower in to your bed sheets. You wipe your tears away, and just stare blankly at the mu...

My Mafia Bad Boy - chapter ten

Literally the cutest thing when you're looking out the window and he grabs your hand ❤.I love that holding hands in the car.

Hasemaus<3<3<3 ich bin ganz schön müde...du auch? Ich bin gefühlt, den ganzen Tag Auto gefahren und jetzt würde ich einfach nur in deinem Arm liegen wollen und darin einschlafen<3<3<3Hase<3<3<3 du fehlst mir ganz doll<3<3<3ich liebe dich<3<3<3 Küsschi :-***** für mein Schatz<3<3<3

Taking a nap in Joshua Tree 😴 Selfie by Tag dirtyboots and use to be featured! Also check out dirtyboots& FB group.

"Stop kissing me so I can finish these muffins and have your legs all good and grown by the end of the day my love." - C.M. Hazel © 2017

Cozy Cabin Couple Portraits in Hood River, OR

Cuddles, a pillow fight, and pancakes in bed make these cabin couple portraits captured by photographers Karina & Maks some of the sweetest ones yet. - Tap the link now and start browsing our store for the perfect gift for your partner!

The romance of reading books in bed with your partner.

Reading in Bed

Curving around a bench, this dynamic raised bed adds color and momentum to a paved circular terrace.  A wonderful garden space.

Our Favorite Outdoor Spaces From HGTV Fans

The bold red color of the raised beds adds dimension and allows for the green landscaping to standout while the rounded wood bench fits perfectly for a nice relaxing space to read or converse.