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Asian Babies are sooo cute. actually I guess ALL babies are cute! lol *hahahaha, found this and love the comment was saying asian babies are so cute I agree!

Awwww! I'm planning on Doing this and hanging it up in my kitchen! Love it!

a must do baby photo op! A picture of each child at the same age looking like a chef to hang in the kitchen.a different age but same concept in the bathroom

Hey ,my friend sister is this girl,really l'm not joking

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baby picture ideas / hands found on Polyvore

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Baby Photo : Creative And Unique Baby Photography Ideas - Unique Family Picture With Mom Dad And Newborn Baby Hand Ideas

Super Cute Baby Inside Pumpkin With Big Smile Photo Idea ❥❥❥ http://bestpickr.com/cute-baby-girls-boys-photos

Saw this photo idea this fall- so I went out and put my cousin in a pumpkin! :) Saw this photo idea this fall- so I went out and put my cousin in a pumpkin! :) Saw this photo idea this fall- so I went out and put my cousin in a pumpkin!

Santa Baby. So sweet! This would make a cute Christmas card---one day, this will happen!

20 Ideas for Christmas Pictures with Babies - Baby's First Christmas Pictures

Santa Baby christmas- I have a drum Christmas basket that I can take baby's Christmas pic in. HOLIDAYS AND EVENTS multicityworldtravel.Com For Hotels-Flights Car Hire Bookings Globally Save Up To On Travel Services

CUTE!!!!! someday my Baby Em-em will do this heheheh

Nate did this picture - adorable ! Cute birthday picture idea even with a toddler that is sitting up and looking down at the mirror. Oh my goodness! What a GREAT picture!

cute-baby-blackboard-adventures Oh My Goodness, check out the mermaid and merman at the bottom!!!

Blackboard Adventures…

Funny pictures about Baby's Blackboard Adventures. Oh, and cool pics about Baby's Blackboard Adventures. Also, Baby's Blackboard Adventures photos.

this is the only pin that ever gets saved off my pintrest, not saying it's not really cute though

0 to 3 Newborn Baby Hat Bunny Hat - Stripe Bunny Beanie Boy Crochet Hat - Newborn Hat Brown Lagoon Blue Cream Bunny Ears Photo Prop, via Etsy.