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I once met a cute pair of twins. One was quiet, and a little anti-social. The other one was happy go lucky and talked to everyone. I fell in love with Kiro ( the quiet one) but I also loved his brother naru. A couple years after high school Kiro confessed his love for me. I was happy and gladly accepted to being his girlfriend. Naru was not happy but he said it was fine. But he wasn't and I knew something bad could happen ( be one of the twins)


ADOPTED Hi! I'm Cairo! I know that's the name of a place, but it's my name, too! I'm 11, and I have two different colored eyes! Sorry, I'm really excitable! Oh, this is my cat Fluffs! He's really nice and cute. I don't have a family, but I wish I did! Would anyone like to adopt me and fluffs? *smiles brightly*


Oh my goodness! I want a character like him in the book. Like this guy that is really sweet and kind of naive.


Rodney (poseidon) "I have made a new word!" "What? "Pi-suzzle!!!" "Good luck with that." Said Kate, as she walked away. "They'll put it in the dictionary!"said Rodney, as he got up and ran to catch up with her.