I love my curves. I really hate having "curves" implies that you are plus size. Any size that has curves in my eyes is beautiful, no matter what your clothing size is & what label society puts on you.

{Motivation Monday} Flaunt em…

When life gives you curves flaunt them. Body Quote big curvy plus size women are beautiful! by Ernestine Tiney

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Im tired of hearing "there's no sweet girls left." No, there is, you just won't give them a chance because the size of their waist.

No insecurities here.....I know who I am and love everything about me!

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bringin' sexy back [QUOTE, Woman: 'You know what's really powerfully sexy.she is.' / Courtney E.

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Rise and Shine Grinders! It's time get up and crush your day! Push those things in your way out! Get aggressive towards failure!GET GRINDING!

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Let's change society! Curves are beautiful and healthy! Fat is okay! The only bad fat is visceral fat, the fat around your organs and mid section. But large thighs, large breasts, big calve muscles, these are all sexy and healthy!

Sexy Women Have Curves And Real Men Have Beards. Beard Meme From Beardoholic.com

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haha - Sexy women come in all shapes and sizes INCLUDING plus! Don't let your boys or your ego make you overlook the cuddly, curvy, chunky, chubby chicks.

Curves <3 Nobody likes to snuggle a stick

brown-nipples: “hellotoxoplasma: “babygirl-pink: “ mnlsexinc: “ “ That’s right! So true! ” This is NOT body positive. I can’t feel good about my body.

Curves R beautiful quote big curvy plus size women are beautiful! Body consciousness accept your body real women

CURVES R BEAUTIFUL! The sooner the haters realize that, the happier life will be. Again, I state curvy plus size women are beautiful. Accept your body, you are a real woman. Don't worry about everyone else's opinion.


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Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful -Sophia Loren Famous Beauty Quotes That Are Inspirational

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Remember, any idiot can drive a straight line, but it takes an expert to handle curves.