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Cursive Capital D

A great resource for all manner of things from adding some typography to your soft furnishings and bedding, to your furniture, to clothing and accessories, kitchenware like kilner jars, crockery and so much more.

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I like the use of the border with the simple text (these flowers are too bright and girly for me). I'd like my logo to be similar to this on my website. either black text or white (depending on the backdrop colour)

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17 Things You Need To Do Before You Graduate...

Open rp with Jessie] I sigh as I walk to through the party. Marie was off with her friends and I was alone. I look around then I get pushed into someone and there drink was spilled on my shoes. "Crap! I'm sorry I'll pay for them!" You say and look up at me.

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1890s Calligraphy Print Page Capital Letters Ornamental Writing Pen Flourishing flipside Business Alphabet

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