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Current events in china

John Lewis on Meet the Press, Trump assumed he represented a ghetto, because he's black.

Trump Threatens North Korea, Insults China In 140-Character Snippets

1/2/2017 Trump Threatens North Korea, Insults China In 140-Character Snippets | The Huffington Post “Keep pissing off Beijing, Don ― as POTUS you’ll have no channel to DPRK next time the Norks do something crazy,” Schindler wrote in response to Trump

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even the possibility is frigtening

China stole US underwater drone in South China Sea as Americans watched

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President-elect Donald Trump has risked further inflaming US relations with China, after he used Twitter on Saturday to accuse China of an “unpresidented [sic] act” in its seizing of an unmanned American submarine this week.

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The Majority of Sane Americans know these facts but Trumps Idiot Supporters refuse to acknowledge the truth. Simply put, its HATE over Facts and Country.

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Syria crisis: Russia and China step up warning over strike

Russia and China step up their warnings against any military intervention in Syria, after the US says there is "undeniable" evidence of a chemical attack.

Trump factory jobs sent to China may never come back

Inside a Trump Chinese shoe factory: 100,000 pairs of footwear branded with Ivanka's name have been made at huge facility (but now it's moving to Africa!) Donald Trump has railed at politicians for allowing US manufacturing jobs to be moved abroad to China But 100,000 pairs of shoes bearing his daughter Ivanka's name have been made in Dongguan, China The Huajian company is now moving production to Africa because labor there is evencheaper It can employ five Ethiopians at its factory…